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TS Gallant Photography

Hello, from your photographer. My name is Tammy, though I have been “TS” for a loooong time (ahem…but we won’t talk about how long).

I have liked photography since a young age, walking alongside my father. I began developing a true passion for it, in my early 20’s and decided to take the leap into the world of professional photography in 2004. It was that same year that I was first published. Since that time, I have been published in several magazines, websites, newsletters, and other publications around the world.

While I do appreciate all genres of photography, I absolutely fell in love with and chose to specialize in maternity and newborn portraiture. It is my passion. I primarily work with children up to age 12. There is nothing more precious than a child and capturing the true essence of who they are “right now” is incredibly important. The child they are today, will be gone tomorrow. I can’t stress this enough. Every single day they become a new person with new experiences and new dreams. We need photos to remember them, as they were, twenty years down the road.

When necessary, I have the best darned assistant and lighting guy in the world to come along with me. His name is Ray and he’s also my biggest fan and has been my husband for 15 years.

TS Gallant Photography proudly serves the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples and Punta Gorda areas spanning Lee, Charlotte and Collier County.

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