I invest a lot of time, thought and effort into creating the perfect, fully customized experience for each and every family I work with. I take photography very seriously and have proudly invested nearly $65,000 in professional gear, props and education. Additionally, I am a registered APNPI photographer, a legally registered business with the state of Florida and a member of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce.

When you investment in yourself, by choosing TS Gallant Photography, you will get so much more than amateur-looking photos, digitally placed on a thumb drive that will likely sit in a drawer, unopened and forgotten, like most “photographers” offer. I provide a wonderfully memorable experience that will result in the invaluable, irreplaceable physical preservation of these precious but fleeting moments in time, recording who they are, right now, today. You want someone who genuinely captures their personality, their idiosyncrasies, how they interact with the world around them, and that’s what I do. I don’t believe in cheesy, cookie-cutter images. Evey session with me is different, individual and fully customized to each person.


The hunt to find a true professional, in a sea of self-proclaimed photographers can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. With TS Gallant Photography, you can rest easy knowing that I will treat your little bundle with the same extra special care that I would give to my own children or grandchildren.

I have 40 years of experience with newborns and children. The safety of your baby is my biggest priority, so little ones are never left unattended or unsupported in any way. Your baby will be treated carefully as if he or she were my own. I have been a professional photographer for almost 16 years, with another 10 as a hobbyist before that. There has also been a serious investment in my photography education, that continues at least several times per year. I strive to never, ever stop learning.


With babies under 30 days old, I prefer to come to your home. This provides the most comfort and convenience for newborns (and new moms). After that tender milestone has been reached, our session location will be based solely on your personal preference, either at my home studio or your preferred locale, indoors or out.

Each session is fully customized for you. Before our appointment, we will discuss what style most appeals to you, and a storyboard will be created. TS Gallant Photography offers several props, wraps, outfits, accessories and scenes with your session, included in the session fee.

After this has been done, the contract has been signed and booking retainer received, we will firmly schedule your session. With newborns, the best results are achieved when photos are done between 3-10 days old. It’s best to schedule in advance, though I realize babies don’t usually arrive on the exact due date. As such, there will be one reschedule allowed, within 30 days, without forfeiting your non-refundable booking retainer (which is directly applied to your session fee).

Since little ones can be very unpredictable, and usually require a lot of attention for feeding, burping, changing, etc, I schedule only one session in any give day. This allows for a stress-free atmosphere for everyone, without feeling pressure to rush (and this makes for the best photos). Typically, it takes about 2 hours, from arrival to departure for newborns and one hour for the rest. This can vary by a few hours, either direction, though, especially for newborn to age 3, so please allow plenty of time on your end, as well.

There are usually at least two different looks, depending on many factors that will be determined during the session, such as how baby is feeling about being photographed. I typically have mom or dad change outfits while I create a new “set”. All babies are supported and carefully watched by my assistant, mom or dad.

In 3-5 days, you will be presented with at least 10 photos from which you will choose your heirloom-quality 11x14 canvas and order any additional photos that you might want. Your selection(s) will then be edited. Your wall art, a small digital version of that photo that is perfectly sized for posting on social media, and any other prints will typically be delivered to you within 5-7 days.