The hunt to find a professional photographer that you can trust to take the absolute best photos of you, your family or special event can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. There are so many questions you need to ask and have answers for, before making such a personal decision. You never want to look at your images and know that you "just settled". Instead, you want to see the images in decades down the road and be reminded that you chose the absolute best photographer for the job. Let me help you by answering some frequently asked questions about TS Gallant Photography experience.


What makes us so special?

First and foremost, you will get personal service. Every email you get, every questionnaire is custom made and typed out, just for you. No form letters. I want you to know you are special and important so I will always go the extra mile to personalize every contact. I also take the time to get to know the people I photograph. I want to capture "you" or be able to fully understand what look you hope to achieve with your pet or product photography and it's not possible if we don't talk a little, first. Another bonus is my passion for photography. I need my camera as much as I need air (ok maybe not quite that much, but it's close). That translates to phenomenal photos for you! Part of what helps me accomplish this is all the hours (yes, hours) in preparation to every single photo session. The smallest mini session or head shot gets the same red carpet attitude as an 8-hour fashion portfolio session. Most importantly, I stand by my work. If you really don't like any photos enough to purchase them, we will discuss where changes need to be made and I will reshoot for free (so far, I've never had this happen but you do have that insurance). I want to provide you with such an outstanding experience that you will want to tell all of your friends and come back again and again. With TS Gallant Photography, you are treated like family, not customers!

What is a "session"

A session is what professional photographers call the actual time when they physically meet with their clients to take the photos. The best photographers will also have pre-session consultations, which can be by phone, text, email, Skype or in person. That is the time they dedicate to giving helpful hints for a successful session and get to know you, as a person, to help them capture not just cheesy, cookie-cutter images but images that showcase the true essence of your individual personality. This is crucial to obtain the types of images that will "WOW" you in your album or on your wall. A session involves a lot of time, sometimes several days leading up to the actual appointment.

Are any photos included in the session fee?

The session fee is just for the photographer's time plus the physical taking of the photos during the session and the use of their equipment, therefore no photos are included in the session sitting fee. Typically, for the photographer, there are many hours involved in each session. There is the prep time, such as packing, checking equipment, setting up backdrops and props, research for planning out a storyboard for planned poses and compositions, scouting for and then travel to and from the session if on location, at least one hour taking the photos, then time spent downloading them from the camera. After the photos are loaded onto the computer, then begins the process known as "culling the images", which means choosing the best of the best to show you during your client presentation. It's during that presentation (about 14 days after session, other than wedding photots) that clients select and pay for any print and/or digital photo options they choose (print options start at $4.99, digital options start at $14.99; NO minimum purchase required).

Why do prints cost so much more than prints at the local pharmacy or store?

Part of that was discussed in the section directly above. After the best images have been selected, professional photographers go through each one of them for final edits with professional editing software. Final touches are then made for your presentation. This can be uploading to a website album, software program or Facebook, creating a slideshow or a PowerPoint presentation. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours per image. At TS Gallant Photography, I personally prepare each image and I am a perfectionist. That means I literally go over every pixel to ensure the best quality. That that means for you, our client, is every image you choose with be one that you treasure. The lab then prints on premium paper that isn't available at local market labs from continuously calibrated equipment (not done at consumer labs).

Do you have a studio?

TS Gallant Photography currently works from a home studio located at 2732 SW Embers Ter, Cape Coral, FL 33991 but we are also fully mobile. All of our studio lights run on battery packs, backdrops and stands are portable but, most importantly, some of the best images are created with a natural background such as a beach or park.

Why can't I just have the digital files and print the images, myself?

The problem with doing that is that not all printers are the same. In fact, some printing labs are very bad (like WalMart). They are not bound by any regulations to update their equipment or even calibrate it, and they use the cheapest photo paper possible. That means the images are printed with odd color cast and can also quickly fade. My equipment is calibrated to the specifications of the professional lab I have partnered with and that lab uses top-quality paper. That means what is shown on my screen is exactly what the print will look like and it will be a printed image that will last for many, many decades (the lab specifies "at least 100 years, if cared for, properly"). Not all labs are calibrated the same, either. It would not be good for anyone to pay for the services of a professional photographer, then have the pictures all turn out looking green or red. Going through the lab that my equipment is calibrated to will assure the highest quality prints possible and that makes both of us look our best!

What gear do you use?

My camera is a Canon 1D x and I have several professional lenses to go with it. I also have about 20 different studio backdrops and seamless paper, off-camera flash units, Lumedyne studio strobes, reflectors, modifiers and a multitude of props. I have invested nearly $30,000.00 in professional gear.