On Location with Natural Light

It started on a beautiful day with a sunny, deep blue sky. I was meeting my model, Mikala, at 8:30am at the to of "The Rims", near the airport in Billings, MT, the morning after my arrival (which was 3am, thanks to a horrendous Delta experience that rerouted my husband and I to Bozeman instead of Billings).

We spent some time discussing goals and got to work. She was so fun to work with. What an awesome personality. We spent about 90 minutes shooting there, before the light started getting too harsh for optimal results (I packed very light, for the cross-country trip, and neglected to pack a reflector). So, we drove down to the hotel and snapped for about another hour. Then, toward mid-afternoon, when the natural light started bringing back the great saturation, we moved downtown for some street shots. I am so upset that I was completely unaware, until days later, that we were within 4 blocks of "Graffiti Alley", which is a designated spot for local graffiti artists to showcase their skills. Oh well...NEXT TIME!! Finally, we moved into the country, before the sun set.

Mikala DowntownFB.jpg