Interview with Sommer

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview my young model and client, Sommer. I'm sure you love the images of her as much as I do. She is not only the epitome of beauty on the outside but she's also got such a warm and beautiful soul, as well. Her personality is amazing and I just love working with her (we all laugh, a LOT). I had the pleasure of sitting down with her, recently, for some conversation so I asked her a few questions. Here's what she had to say.

ME: What were your expectations, at the beginning of our first photo session (which was her first-ever photoshoot with a professional photographer)?

SOMMER: Well, I was definitely curious as to whether or not the photos would even turn out and what they would look like. I was also wondering how well we would work together and what it would be like.

ME: What did you think when you first came in and saw my camera and all the studio equipment we had set up for you?

SOMMER: My first thought was "cool". I was very impressed. In instantly knew you took this seriously and weren't an amateur. It all looked so professional.

ME: On a scale of 1-10, how nervous were you before we got started?

SOMMER: Definitely at least an 8!

ME: In my opinion, that nervous didn't last very long. Would you agree?

SOMMER: Yes. Like not even 5 minutes.

ME: What helped you overcome your nervousness?

SOMMER: Mostly that you didn't act all serious with me. You guys were comfortable and that made me comfortable. You're so easy-going so that definitely made me relax.

ME: What is the best part of the experience of being photographed by TS Gallant Photography?

SOMMER: Definitely the fun. The way you guys banter with each other makes me laugh and that comforts and relaxes me.

ME: How did seeing the photos make you feel?

SOMMER: Weird, honestly. Your pictures looked so nice compared to the cell phone pictures I'm used to. I just looked so different than what I normally see.

ME: Do you feel the photos we took boosted your confidence or self-esteem?

SOMMER: Yes, because they looked way better than I expected them to. I looked like I was in a magazine or should be in a magazine. They were just so picture perfect.

ME: Overall, what do you think about TS Gallant Photography?

SOMMER: I think you're really creative and a lot of fun. Not at all overwhelming like I thought it would be. Now, when I know you'll be photographing me, I'm very excited and start getting ready really early because I know I'm about to have fun and get excited to see the pictures. It's very interesting to see what all you can do, creatively.

(we just love working with this girl)