Family Fun in the Sun

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. The sun was out, it wasn't windy, no rain in sight. Those are the perfect ingredients for wonderful outdoor family portraits.

I actually met Bill and Kim, several years ago, through our mutual love of motorcycles. We run into each other from time to time, at various events once or twice per year, but are separated by hundreds of miles and several hours in travel.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call saying they wanted to do family pictures...with me! I was doubly blessed when they said it would be the first time they have ever had formal family portraits of any kind. We made an appointment for 12:30pm but in their excitement, they arrived almost two hours early (which, of course, gave us plenty of time to sit down and catch up over coffee).

After a relaxing early morning, we got the ball rolling. The session started in the studio, then moved outdoors. Afterward, we drove to the beach to finish the family session and get a few impromptu engagement photos, as well. After all was said and done, I got the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their experience.

ME: So, first things first. Why would you choose me for your first family photos when you have so many to choose from, close to where you are?

B&K: A big part is because we consider you a friend. Aside from that, we both really like your style. Your photos are different than any other photos we see from other photographers. Very original.

ME: Now that we are done, what was your favorite part of our session?

Kim: My favorite part was seeing the photos and seeing that you got pictures of who we are, naturally. Sebastian loved the balloon photo and Augustus' favorite was the "Help" image on the beach. Our least favorite part was seeing the pain you were going through, walking around on your broken leg (I had surgery on an open frature, 9 weeks ago, so was still in a boot and a knee scooter but used crutches for the beach...which wasn't easy since I also had major shoulder surgery 9 weeks ago, too). Bill says he doesn't have a favorite part. He liked everything (except maybe for being asked if he was ok with sitting down on the ground, which he found amusing).

ME: What was it that you loved so much about working with me?

B&K:  A lot. You are fun. I love the way you made us laugh and got us in a happy mood to take great pictures. I also love the poses you came up with. I loved your attitude during the whole thing. You weren't grumpy and didn't get mad at the boys when they didn't do exactly what you asked them. I love that you went with the flow, adapting when things didn't go exactly as planned.

ME: Would you come back for photos with me in the future?

B&K: Definitely! I want you do photograph our wedding! We will always be repeat customers!