And the "Best Husband in the World" Award Goes To...

Yes, I do realize that there probably isn't really a "Best Husband in the World" award (there should be) but, if there was, the winner would be my husband.

Oh, sure, I realize that pretty much every wife would say that of their husband but I must insist, biased or not, I really think mine would win. Not only is he a great provider, a great dad, full of love and support, caring, thoughtful, hard-working and more, outside of being the "amazing guy behind the scenes" here at TS Gallant Photography but he will go so far above and beyond to help me out, including cheering me up (or cooling my jets) that it can't even be measured. Thankfully, it CAN be photographed. Read on to see how he win's the Best Husband in the World award.

Recently, we had a photo shoot scheduled with a local model for bright and early on a Sunday morning. It was to be a fashion style session featuring an antique love seat placed in the middle of a tennis court. The model would be showcasing a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals while wearing a cocktail dress. That means my husband and already the best assistant, ever, had to arrange for a truck (a huge thank you goes out to two of the best friends a person could have, for letting us borrow yours so we didn't have to rent a Uhaul), get up really early on this Sunday, before the sun was even up, then load the lighting equipment, camera gear and couch, all before 7:30am. He then drives the truck to the park, unloads it all and carries all of it halfway across the park into the tennis court and sets up. ALL OF THIS he did on his own, without help from me, including carrying and placing the antique love seat. Now, before you start throwing "And the Worst Wife of the Year Award Goes To Me" verbiage, be aware of the fact that I'm still recovering from recent surgeries on both a broken leg and beat up shoulder. I'm still wearing the plastic cast, unable to put weight on it yet, and barely out of the shoulder sling so using crutches was both awkward and painful and even walking was unsteady.

Anyway, you are probably thinking that is where this award-deserving story ends but, no, there's more. As I said, the shoot was scheduled for 8am. It had been scheduled for several weeks. The model was chosen mostly because she stated she had a lot of experience and was very professional (which, by the way, is ALWAYS more important than being the most beautiful face on the list of possibilities). The model was immediately given the name and address of the park and directions to get there, via message and she responded in writing that she knew right where it was. I touched base with her, several times over the next weeks, including the day before when I specifically asked if there were any questions about the location or time and wanted to verify that we were still on for in the morning. Her response was that all was well, she didn't need more directions and that she would be tired from a long shift but would absolutely be there, ready to go.

When she was 15 minutes late, I called but got no answer. I then texted asking for an update. She replied, a few minutes later, that she had no idea the park was in Cape Coral and that "I swear the GPS said it was only 25 min from my house when I looked it up, then this morning said it's over an hour" (never mind the "if you are saying you didn't know it was in Cape and didn't have the address, how did you look it up" question, which is it's own blog suject). Anyway, moving on, she was just leaving her house and would be at least an hour late.

That left us in a heck of a bind because, here were are, blocking a tennis court on a Sunday morning. Do you know who wants to play tennis on an early Sunday morning? Evidently a heck of a lot of people, that's who! So, here we are, blocking one of the two tennis courts with a bunch of lighting equipment and a couch, getting all kinds of looks from people playing on the other court, walking their dogs on the path around the tennis area or jogging around the park. One elderly couple actually stopped dead in their tracks, laughing and pointing at us for several minutes. That was fun.

The later it became and the more looks we got and the more I worried that we would be asked to leave, the more upset I got. Here's where that "Best Husband" award comes in. Without missing a beat, my big, bad, biker husband says "let's at least test the lighting" and starts posing. I don't mean the usual tough-guy pose you'd expect, I mean the "♪♫♬I'm too sexy for my shirt...on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk...♪♫♬" type of posing. In the middle of it, he picks up the dress and the shoes and really plays it up for me and for the camera. I could end it right there, of course, as he's already proven to be the best husband, up to this point, but he also agreed to let me post the photos, on the condition that "it will make you cheer up and smile" (sadly, he did put his foot down on a video recording for YouTube, though).

Anyway, it was really tough to narrow it down to only 7 photos but, to me, these images of him were the win for the day! I hope you agree.