First session of the new year

WHEW! The holiday is over and 2018 is now behind us. The year 2019 is an open door to walk into the great unknown for the next 12 months. This is always an exciting prospect to me.

This is a young lady that I actually found on Instagram. I liked her “look” and was instantly inspired. Actually, that’s not a new thing. I am usually inspired by “how would I photograph you” when I meet anyone. Sometimes, however, like with this lovely local gal, the drive to photograph her was intense, as my artistic mind was flooded with ideas.

As usually happens, I just ran out of time. There are some people who I would just photograph all day and night because they are so easy to work with, are relaxed in front of the camera, can share my vision and bring it to life and also just photograph well. So it was with Savannah.

She walked in without showing much nervousness, though she said she was a little anxious, not knowing how it would be. She brought her boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby (I am equally excited to do maternity photos, not gonna lie). We looked through my model wardrobe and found a few outfits to start with.

Since she didn’t have very much time, we only got to focus on some vintage sets. About 15 years ago, I had purchased a box of antique hats but hadn’t even taken them out of the box. It was a perfect opportunity. We captured some traditional, classic portraits and then moved on to sentimental boudoir. The day was spent with low-key lighting scenarios, as we ran out of time to move to the high key ideas.

Two hours and many laughs later, we had some great images under out belt.

Cape Coral and Fort Myers Portrait Photographer.jpg