Making the Most of a Small Space

Of course, working in my studio is awesome. I love the open space, the versatility of being able to use various lighting scenarios and different backdrops and props. Truthfully, I also don't mind working where the light is at and, sometimes, it's NOT in my studio.

I don't do it very often but, on this day, I was spontaneously inspired to move a carefully planned studio session, outside of the studio. At the end of our actual studio session, my client was sitting at the table and I was astounded by the quality of light washing over her and it was "game on". She was willing to spend some more time with us to get  creative so we set off to the challenge of shooting in a very small area. Literally, it was about 3' wide and 4' long. I had my assistant hold a portable/collapsible backdrop behind her and just kept her sitting right on her chair at the table in my breakfast nook area next to my home studio.

As with any other photo session, I wanted to get a few different looks. In keeping the composition tight, basically able to just do head shots, it could have limited what we would be able to accomplish but we quickly discovered that really wasn't the case. We were able to get some great images, and we all had a lot of fun, as well.

Natural light is still, by far, my favorite form of light. Hopefully you can see why I love it, in these image examples from that impromptu session.