childrens composites

Working with Twins Toddlers

It was my great pleasure to work with two of the most absolutely adorable twin boys that you could ever lay eyes on. The last time I had them in my studio was before Christmas, 6 months ago. It was fascinating to me, how much they had grown in such a short time and how very different they were from each other. Each one of these precious ones, has their own very distinct personality, even at only two and a half.

It was a coordinated effort to get these active little fellas to stay together in the studio set area. Their mom, a wonderful lady in her own right, sat down on the floor tossing the ball, playing peek-a-boo, singing, helping me make strange noises (and God help us if any aliens were listening to those sounds and thinking that was the language of Earth). My husband helped to run interference, fetching the stray balls that rolled or bounced off into the distance, fixing props that were knocked over, wrangling boys out of v-flats and reflectors. It was definitely a morning of laughter.

However, all of our efforts paid off, and we got some pretty nice images. The main point of today's session was to try out my new tee-pee prop from Little Dove Store on Amazon so I could do a review. After I got several photos of these toddlers, many of them were a blur of a boy's backside as he high-tailed it to another area of the studio or crying in anticipation the ball that was delayed a little too long in it's coming or a blurry arm as it was at the tail end of a ball being thrown, I decided that since they were being so awesome (and, lets be honest, look as cute as little buttons), I would attempt to get some chromakey action in, for a few composite images. I've included a few, below.

I hope that I get the chance to photograph them, again. It would be a great pleasure, watching them grow into fine young men.